SkillAi is a digital platform that, thanks to an integrated chat system and the use of artificial intelligence, gathers and analyzes information about the candidate and the company and assigns a relevance score for each match. The relevance score and analysis of the collected information help the recruiter speed up the information schematization process, get to know the candidate through more precise and consistent information with the company's goals, and save time and resources for the company, making important decisions with greater awareness and reducing the risk of errors. Through SkillAi, the candidate has the opportunity to provide fundamental information to evaluate job offers based on their interests, personal attitudes, and skills. The SkillAi system defines the candidate's profile by following three categories of information: 1. Essential information: It investigates the level and type of education, skills, and work experience. 2. Subjective information: It defines the degree of preparedness for the role and knowledge of the professional field. 3. Personality tests: It helps outline the candidate's key personality traits, identifying interests, attitudes, and expectations.