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P R O C E S S : : : : : : : : : : : : : : |||||||||||||||||||

Don't you think rock music deserves better? Are you tired of hearing bands from cold continental Europe singing about being lost in purple hazes in the desert? Shouldn't you really apply what you have seen, eaten and digested and then piss it all into your own cup and throw it at a stranger? Would you throw piss at a stranger? What type of person ARE you?..........Answer me!

We make music with guitars and drums. In Dublin City, Ireland. We try incredibly hard to make it sound like our own. If at any time during the writing process it reminds us of something or someone else, we print it out on paper, wrap it round some dog shit, light it on fire- then place it on a neighbours doorstep, knock at their door and run away. It's a ritual that has served us well. If you like our music how's about putting some money towards paper/gloves for picking up dog shit, so we can go make some more of these things.

As Mel Gibson once said in the musical Braveheart, "music, just like freedom, ain't FREE", or words to that effect.

Thanks for stopping, bye.

EYES : : : : : : : : : : : : : : |||||||||||||||||||



released 28 January 2014



all rights reserved


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:::::::::::::: TWIN CREATOR :::::::::::::: Dublin, Ireland

Kramer aluminium steel neck guitars. Walking to the supermarket with coins in jars. Picking up the dog hair from the backseat of the car. Always looking for the beers on special in bars. Aware the most annoying drummer is Lars. Never been to Russia but read about the Tsars. Sure to knock you out if you wanna rhyming spar. Running low on words that are ending in 'ars'. Uh, uhn. yeah. Check. Uh. ... more

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Track Name: Bounty and the Reaper
Killed my personality
And rid the cursed fog
Hung like woe around my head
a plastic crown of thorns
Sold my sold for pennies
and I emptied of all talk
with footprints that don't leave a trace
into the world I'm gonna walk

And when you are hungry you will return

Won't command the sun to shine
or curse the falling rain
I'll scour the world for words
but never pen them in my name
ride the air of hurricanes
I'll sweep into your town
Won't deal in compassion
I will rip all of your houses down

I am the bounty and the reaper
The well and the violent sea
Track Name: The past and the dead
Sunday rising like an animal
Nostalgia has got both it's teeth
Blindly biting at the side of my head
wants me to rise up from out of my bed go and see.....

Spectres out dragging their tales between the past and the dead
faces I no longer remember, friends of mine.....

Requiem dirges for Saturday
don't you know Saturday is somebody else's song?
Past is a photograph that was taken near here one day
Keep all your pictures - there's no future in what is gone

Sun is fast sinking the North wind is whistling (here comes the tide)
Let all the rain and the music come
Let all the memories die

Out on the strand I see the squall
pushing in to where I stand from the cold Irish Sea
violently washing at the side of my head
wants me to get up from where I stand and go and see...

Spectres out dragging their tales between the past and the dead
faces I no longer remember, friends of mine who have fled.
Track Name: A Thousand Steps
A thousand steps
under darkness over sand
I'm walking
A thousand steps
tongue is tied and anchored in
the dock and
forgive the sea -
it can't repent for any of it's sins

Under clouds and overdue
the waves roar on in endless tune
chunk of night a cold dark plate
with every step I am growing......

A thousand steps
mercy can you treat me like a friend?
A thousand steps
Don't know if I'll make it
to the end
Track Name: Exodus/Exit Us
The garden is still here
but it is overgrown
all the weeds have crept up
and emotion is gone
there is nothing left to say
that concerns me and you
final chapter, final page
I'm the death of us two.